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Light Duty lathe

Our light lathe equipments are designed with high grade raw materials. It can be also preferred for quality, durability, free from corrosion. Automobile, electronic and electrical industries can ask for customized requests from us while choosing light duty lathe. We always apply high grade and completely tested raw materials from genuine suppliers. We apply industries latest technology while manufacturing lathe machines and we have a team of skilled designers to implement the industrial considerations. We provide these machines in standard and requested from and pricing is not a matter of issue at Yash Machine Tools as we follow market's pricing analysis and keep up with comparatively better price structure.

Medium Duty lathe

Medium duty lathe machines are also found to be applicable in automobile and electronic industries and wood working as well. No compromise is made on selecting premium raw materials while designing medium duty lathe device. These materials are checked for grades and we take care of applying the same grade of raw material to obtain uniformity of machining components. Our medium duty lathe machines are also available in standard and customized designs as per the industrial demands. Pricing is absolutely moderate when compared to other suppliers.

Heavy Duty Lathe

Mostly preferred for its high tensile strength, dimensional accuracy and corrosion resistance, heavy duty lathes can handle heavy materials for machining. We are committed to design, product and supply high and reliable quality of heavy duty lathe device. Out machine is known for excellent quality, performance and dependency for more production. Being one of the trusted workshop component manufacturers in India, investors can find good prospects while buying heavy duty lathe machines from us. This equipment is used in heavy machinery and engineering industries. It is perfect machinery choice that can be applied for cutting and drilling operations. Our machine designs are favorably made and will not occupy much space. Mechanical industries find great application with the help of heavy duty lathe device. Customization requests are accepted by us for specifically designing heavy duty lathes; hence, consumers can get the exact form of lathe with respect to industrial applications.

Machine Qualities

Yash Machine Tools offers Extra Heavy Duty Lathe made of superior grade materials. It is applied in different industries and the applications that can be depended on with extra heavy duty lathe machines are wood turning, metal spinning, metal and also glass works. Extra Heavy Duty Lathes machines are precise, accurate and flawless machining job. We design this type of lathe to cater to prolonged accuracy requirement and smooth finishing. There are general issues in applying lathe machine for shaping and cutting processes; however, with our Extra heavy duty lathe device consumers can completely get the satisfaction of dimensional requirements for long productivity.

V - Belt Driven Lathe Machine

V Belt driven lathe has been in use since earlier days and hence it is considered one of the oldest models of lathe machines. Yash Machine Tools design V belt driven lathe machines as per the specific requirement of the industry. Our V –belt driven lathe devices are incomparable in quality, offers excellent performance. In addition to that these machines are made of corrosion resistance raw materials and the consumers can depend on this form long term application. Suitable for all pervasive applications, energy efficient, easy to operate and requires less maintenance. W also offer V- belt driven lather for light duty, medium duty and heavy duty operations.

All Geared Lathe Machine

Yash Machine Tools are also pioneers in supplying machineries from top manufacturers. We offer all geared lathe device that can perform light duty operations. Consumers prefer this device for high precision machining in less working time. This lathe device is made of high tolerance material hence, it can withstand even harsh environment. When it comes to productivity aspect, all geared lathe machines can be depended on for quick productivity and machining results. It is also preferred for smooth finishing of machining process. We offer all geared lathe machine for light duty, medium duty and heavy duty operations.

CNC Lathe Machine

As the name suggests CNC lathes are known for their computer aided operation mode. It allows for ease of machining operation as the operator can set the machining dimension in advance and just need to monitor the operations. It is a fully automated machine and productivity is flawless and wastage is also not possible with CNC lathe machines.

Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machine

We offer Flat bed CNC lathe for light duty and heavy duty operations. Our Flat Bed CNC lathe machines are preferred for their precise operative mode, perfect finishing, and durability. And flat bed CNC lathes are available in two models such as Flat bed CNC lathe and flat bed CNC lathe heavy duty lathe to work with light duty and heavy duty operations respectively.

Slant Bed CNC Lathe Machine

Yash Machine tools offers Slant bed CNC lathe at unbelievable price. This machine is made of computer aided machine design, if is preferred for maximum performance, precision, durability, and complete automization of machining jobs.

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